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You’ve got the talent. We’ve got the tools.

Our digital platform transforms mentoring sessions into university places. Double your chances of achieving a top university offer — and the grades to meet it — by connecting with a Zero Gravity mentor once a week. Free for students, forever.

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offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Mentors at 30+ universities

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How it works

One-to-one mentoring.
Every week.

We’ll connect you with a handpicked mentor who studies your desired degree subject at your dream university.

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Mentoring plan

In your first session, you’ll get to know your mentor and start building a mentoring plan to maximise your chances of reaching a top university.

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University application

Each week you’ll connect with your mentor to build subject knowledge, develop your UCAS application, and get ready for admissions tests and interviews.

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Academic support

Meeting a top university offer means achieving top grades. Your mentor will support you with the revision advice and study skills required to secure your place.


Double your
university chances.

The journey to a top university is stressful and full of hurdles. You’ll connect with your mentor for one hour per week for university application support and so much more.

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Handpicked mentors.
Expertly matched.

Our mentors are some of the UK’s leading undergrads. We’ll connect you with the perfect mentor based on your desired degree subject and university ambitions.

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Funding which
fuels ambition.

More than just a mentoring platform, Zero Gravity is a talent engine for the UK’s brightest minds. Each year, our partner charity provides thousands of £s of scholarships to our most dedicated students to ensure money is never a barrier to studying at university.

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Charlotte A.History
University of Oxford

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Maja K.Law & French
University of Bristol


Mohamed O.Computer Science
University of Cambridge

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Daniel D.History & Politics
University of Oxford

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Offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Are you
Zero Gravity?

We support state school students from areas of the UK where reaching a top university is far from guaranteed. Sign up in 60 seconds to kickstart your application and find out if you’re eligible.

Our application process

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Quick eligibility check

Sign up in 60 seconds to find out whether you’re eligible for a Zero Gravity mentor. Remember, you’ll need to attend a UK state school and be in Year 12/13 (S4/S5) to apply.

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Share your university ambitions

Our priority is finding you the right mentor to meet your goals. You’ll answer some quick-fire questions to get us up to speed with your university ambitions and the support you need to get there.

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Get matched with a mentor

We’ll connect you with your perfect mentor on our platform and organise your first mentoring session. We’ll provide guidance along the way so you can get the most out of your sessions.

Your questions.

Our baseline eligibility criteria is that you must attend a UK state school and currently be in Year 12/13 (S4/S5 in Scotland, or Yr13/14 in Northern Ireland). Above and beyond this, we use contextual recruitment practices to put the academic performance of applicants in its full context. So if you attend an underperforming school in a low-income area, your academic performance will be judged in this context. Either way, it only takes 60 seconds to apply, and 50% of applicants are successful in winning a Zero Gravity place!

We believe the brightest minds should know no bounds. We're a social enterprise that exclusively supports state school students from areas of the UK where reaching a top university is far from guaranteed. We're funded through partnerships with leading organisations that help keep our mentoring free for our students.

You can apply to Zero Gravity all year round. If you're in Year 12 (S4), our mentoring kicks off in July and runs right the way through your final year of school. But don't worry if you've only just found us - we match Year 13 (S5) students throughout the academic year!

Our data shows that weekly mentoring sessions significantly boost students' chances of reaching top universities. Students who join Zero Gravity must commit to weekly mentoring sessions to get the most out of the opportunity. In other words, you'll only get out what you put in!

Every year we fund thousands of pounds of scholarships for our most dedicated students to support their ambitions through university and beyond. In August, we select the students who've completed the most mentoring sessions on our platform and who our data suggests have overcome the most significant challenges to secure a top university place.

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Zero Gravity.

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