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Trailblaze the future of talent

We power the UK's top talent from low-opportunity areas
with £3,000 scholarships. This funding accelerates their
academic and career journeys, helping them
land the future they didn't think possible.

Members at 110+ universities

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The UK's largest scholarship fund for students from low-opportunity areas

Every year, 50,000 students from low-opportunity backgrounds achieve top GCSEs, yet only one-third attend top universities and even fewer secure elite graduate careers.

At Zero Gravity, we identify the top 15% of talent from the bottom 40% of social advantage for our membership. Our scholarship programme then identifies the members who achieve the best results while defying the most challenging odds. Your donation powers them to achieve the future they didn't think possible.

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Meet Taylor

"I wouldn't be at Imperial College if it wasn't for Zero Gravity."

Learn how Taylor went from his pot-washer shift to studying at Imperial College London with his Zero Gravity scholarship.

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We do scholarships differently

More than just money

Our scholarships are more than just money. We plug the opportunity gap with mentoring, masterclasses and career opportunities so that your donation is used in the most efficient way possible. The scholarship is a powerful piece of each scholar's wider Zero Gravity journey, which gives them dedicated support to make their ambitions real. In fact, 50% of our scholars did work experience or an internship during their very first year of university.

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Connecting scholars with top employers

As well as using scholarship funds to power career ambitions, scholars receive career opportunities through the Zero Gravity platform. Zero Gravity is packed with features designed to connect our scholars with leading employers – from mentoring and masterclasses, to personalised career opportunities like internships and grad roles.

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Boosting cumulative earnings year on year

Zero Gravity is focused on boosting the outcomes of all our members. We’ve already boosted the cumulative lifetime earnings of students from low-opportunity areas by £270m, and are set to create a £1bn boost by 2025. Your donation has a scaled impact as each of our scholars shares their success with those who come after them.

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Seamless tech delivery and purchasing power

Our platform deploys the funding straight to students' pockets on their Zero Gravity cards. Our scholars spend their scholarships on the things that will help them progress, from textbooks and uni societies to the train ticket for an interview.

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Seeing your impact first-hand

You can track the impact of your donation and see students’ potential come to life in real-time through our detailed analysis and also get the opportunity to connect with the next-generation of top talent who’ve benefitted directly from your support.

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Our CEO, Joe, talks scholarships

We select scholars who not only smash their A Levels against all the odds, but who also have the attitude to unlock their potential.
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Big impact


Number of scholars we've funded


The amount of funding we've deployed since launch (that's £1.5m if you're counting)


The amount of social impact we've generated by boosting the projected lifetime earnings of Zero Gravity members

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Meet Antonia

"Getting into uni is one part of the journey. Being able to survive is another."

Learn how Antonia was powered into Cambridge by Zero Gravity's unique combination of mentoring and finance.

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100% impact model

No overheads,
just impact

Our funding model has been designed so that 100% of donations go directly to Zero Gravity students. Zero Gravity’s overheads are funded by our employer partners, meaning that your entire donation always goes straight to the students you’re supporting.

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Your questions.

Zero Gravity is a strategic partnership between two organisations. Zero Gravity Tech Ltd and the Zero Gravity Fund. The two organisations are governed separately and are financially independent. But they share the same brand and are driven by the same mission.

Zero Gravity Tech Ltd is a certified social enterprise that reinvests income from corporate partnerships into free-to-use academic & career resources and opportunities for state school students from low-opportunity areas.

Zero Gravity Fund is a registered charity that provides hundreds of £3000 grants to our most engaged students from low-opportunity areas who have overcome significant challenges to achieve top grades and university offers.

Together, Zero Gravity powers students to make their ambitions real.

As a registered charity, Zero Gravity Fund has an independent board of trustees, who are not investors in the social enterprise business, Zero Gravity Tech Ltd.

We'd be more than happy to discuss our charity's constitution, complaints policy, risk register, safeguarding and data protection policies with you.

For formal complaints related to Zero Gravity Fund please contact

A mixture of corporate companies and high-net-worth individuals. Many are from socially mobile backgrounds themselves and want to pay their success forward.

Zero Gravity Tech Ltd. pays for all admin and salary costs to run the charity, which means 100% of donations to the Fund go directly to student scholarships.

We have designed an algorithm which selects our top students and is designed to be as fair as possible.

It takes into account their engagement with the platform (e.g. dedication to mentoring sessions) and their background (e.g. average household income in their local area, the likelihood of people in their area going to university, and the average GCSE results in their school). We have designed the algorithm to be totally gender and ethnicity-blind, to ensure there is no unintentional bias.

We then invite this top group to fill out an online application form and ask for a reference from their mentor. We then award our scholarships to our members from the most socially mobile backgrounds who are most engaged with securing their success.

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