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Every year, 50,000 students from socially mobile backgrounds achieve top GCSEs. Yet only a third of these students make it to a highly-selective university, and even fewer enter a top graduate career. Zero Gravity's changing that.


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We're the largest community
of socially mobile talent
in the UK

Zero Gravity is home to the largest community of top-performing socially mobile talent in the UK. Our tech identifies school students who are from the bottom 40% of social advantage and are in the top 15% of performing talent nationally, contextualising performance and background.


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Why is hiring socially mobile talent so hard?

The UK's lack of social mobility is not just a social issue; it's bad for business. Top employers are not only leaving talent on the table; they're compromising their brand, limiting their appeal to a diverse workforce, stunting their own growth and that of the economy. Many top employers are motivated to create change, but they face huge hurdles when looking to find and hire socially mobile talent.


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Members at 110+ universities

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The Zero Gravity revolution

Inequality is the ‘gravitational force’ that holds talented students back from reaching their potential. Different forms of inequality reinforce each other to create an ever-present barrier to opportunity. Both external forces, like underfunded schools and rundown towns, and internal forces, like imposter syndrome and low aspirations, make inequality appear inevitable.

Zero Gravity is partnering with top employers to tackle the social mobility challenge in a totally new, and scalable way. Employers leverage our pre-existing community of talent to identify, up-skill and recruit students from low-opportunity areas. The talent has always been out there, just hidden by socioeconomic and geographic barriers. Now, Zero Gravity makes it easy to find - on a national scale.


Russell Group university offers


offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Members at 110+ universities

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How we do it

1. Spot talent others miss

Our tech identifies students from the bottom 40% of disadvantage but the top 15% of performance while they're still at school.

2. Nurture the talent

Zero Gravity doubles the chances of students from low-opportunity areas reaching leading universities through 1:2:1 mentoring, masterclasses, membership community and scholarships. Zero Gravity stays with them from school into careers.

3. Connect you with talent

We connect our members with leading employers to propel them into top apprenticeships, internships, and grad schemes - through our mentoring, masterclasses, opportunities board and membership community.


Meet Olivia

Demystifying financial services

Olivia was paired with a mentor from HSBC through the Zero Gravity platform, to learn more about HSBC and the financial services industry.

Zero Gravity has challenged my misperceptions about the financial services industry.

Learning more about the sector from the masterclasses and my mentor has given me the knowledge and confidence to hopefully enter the industry in the future. They've built on both my industry understanding and personal development.

I've really enjoyed working with my mentor. She works in investment banking which is the sector which I'm hoping to go into, so it's been really nice to get a realistic perspective. She's able to tell me more about day-to-day life at the company, which you can't get from researching online. Even general advice has been really helpful, like what to wear to Spring Weeks.

The scalable power of tech

Defying geographical barriers

Our members are spread across
all four corners of the UK.

We set out with a clear mission, to make opportunity match talent. We built our platform so that every talented student from a low-opportunity area with the ambition to succeed would be able to access the opportunities they deserve. Zero Gravity has made its way into living rooms across the UK, bringing opportunities to meet students where they're at. Our platform gives employers the power to do the same.

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Unlocking creative potential

After what seems like an age of ambitious creatives from low-opportunity backgrounds being discouraged, we’re turning the tides.

A lot of us were told to do what you can, not what you want. It was discouraged to go into anything creative.

Over the summer, Zero Gravity member Kalthum interned at public relations agency Good Relations and their sister agency Goodness PR. Given how nepotistic the arts industry as a whole can be, an arts internship is - in Kalthum’s words - “groundbreaking”. As she pointed out, it’s rare to get something in creative industries “based off merit and your passion rather than just who you know.”

Kalthum applied to Good Relations as she was curious about a career in PR post university - and we’re beyond buzzing to hear that “the last few weeks here [at Good Relations and Goodness] have informed that decision."

“I've learned so much and I find it so interesting… Every task I've done here has been quite different from one another, which has been really good. I've learned a lot in these two weeks - I bought this little notebook and now it’s full of so many different acronyms! And now, I see the news with a different perspective: I can tell what's a PR story and what's organic. So the few weeks I've been here have changed my view on things - in a good way… I think my favourite bit has just been being in the meetings, just seeing how it all works. And recently I went to a photo shoot which is so exciting.”

Meet the partnerships team

While you'll work with people across the wider Zero Gravity team, the faces below will be your main points of contact. Tom, Ads and Izzy will work closely with you to understand your goals and achieve top outcomes for your business. Schedule a chat to find out more and say hello.

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Zero Gravity is revolutionising the UK's approach to social mobility, in partnership with incredible employers, schools and universities. We're proud to be recognised for our game-changing work.

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