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Dare to defy

Talent is spread evenly but opportunity is not. We're changing that. We propel low-income students into the UK's best universities, powered by innovative tech and free support from the UK's leading undergraduates.

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offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Mentors at 30+ universities

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Our story

"Access to
inspiration and guidance is a right."

Joe Seddon graduated from university with £200 left from his student loan and an idea to revolutionise access to higher education. Since then, Zero Gravity has grown from a bedroom startup into an award-winning social enterprise. And this is just the beginning.

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Our results

Proven results at unprecedented scale

Launched in 2020, Zero Gravity has already mentored 1000+ students from across all four corners of the UK into Russell Group universities. We’re growing so fast that, by 2023, we predict our platform will be mentoring 10,000+ low-income students into top universities every year.

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Our platform

Innovative tech
that levels the
playing field

One-to-one mentoring is proven to be one of the best ways to realise potential. But until now, mentorship has been out of reach for most students. So we’ve built the Zero Gravity platform to make our incredible network of mentors available anytime, anywhere to students from low-income backgrounds.

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brand which
sparks ambition

We’re redefining what it means to be an impact-driven organisation. Our Zero Gravity brand has already won three European Brand Awards and we’ve been recognised with a social impact award by the Prime Minister.

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Funding which
fuels potential

More than just a mentoring platform, Zero Gravity is a talent engine for the UK’s brightest students from low-income backgrounds. Each year we fund thousands of pounds of scholarships for our most dedicated students to ensure money is never a barrier to studying at a top university.

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Success stories

"My success is a
win for the entire fairground community"

Learn how Milly went from dropping out of school at 13 to winning an offer to study Classics at Oxford University with the support of a Zero Gravity mentor.

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Our philosophy

We’re made different

We do things differently. Our six founding principles are the driving force behind our success and keep us at the cutting-edge of social impact.

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Digital first

Digital technology levels the playing field for low-income students. Digital has unparalleled reach and engages young people using the mediums they use every day. It should be the default.

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Mentoring works best from people who are only one step ahead on the journey. Current undergraduates are best placed to drive social mobility progress for the next generation of students.

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Diversity wins

Diversity is a strategic imperative as well as a social one. Diverse talent not only brings new perspectives but has all of the core attributes required to succeed in a high-performance environment.

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Careers matter

Supporting students into top universities is not enough to level the playing field. It must be paired with an approach which mentors students into the best careers and backs them to succeed.

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Data drives impact

Results matter. Social mobility organisations should collect data which enables their outcomes to be rigorously evaluated, and their approaches should be responsive to data as it is collected.

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No ivory towers

Innovation is restricted when the same voices set the agenda. Organisations should go beyond their comfort zones to tap into the lived experience of young people and expertise from other sectors.

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Get in touch

If you have a press enquiry, want to become a partner, or just want to say hello; feel free to get in touch through our contact form or any of the alternative methods listed below.

General enquiries

Our offices

Zero Gravity HQ
55 Bartholomew Close

Your questions.

Zero Gravity is a partnership between two organisations:

Zero Gravity Tech Ltd - A certified social enterprise that reinvests income from partnerships into free-to-use mentoring for state school students from low-income backgrounds

Zero Gravity Fund - a registered charity that provides cash grants to top university students from low-income backgrounds.

Whilst the social enterprise and charity share the Zero Gravity brand, the two organisations are governed separately and are financially independent.

Our mission is to enable our students to reach their incredible potential. To achieve that, we need to be able to reach our own potential and we believe the social enterprise model is the best model to ensure our long-term sustainability. Solving a problem as significant as social mobility requires a lot of money, especially when pioneering a tech-driven approach. Setting up as a social enterprise rather than a charity provides us with greater access to the tech funding required to have the biggest possible social impact across the UK.

Many businesses have a positive social impact as a by-product of what they do. As a social enterprise, we have it at our core. Currently, our social enterprise costs are funded by our social impact investors. In the future, we’ll become self-sustaining by connecting universities and employers with what they need: access to the incredible talent of our members. Their support pays for more free services so our community can continue to grow. An exponential virtuous circle with one shared goal - to defy gravity.

Zero Gravity Fund is funded by individual and institutional donors who want to support our social mission through charitable giving. Donations to the Fund are transformed into scholarships which are distributed to Zero Gravity members to fund their personal development whilst at university. Our social enterprise provides pro bono services to the Fund so that 100% of donations go to our students.

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