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Join the undergrads transforming the odds

Levelling the playing field in higher education, our mentors are the sharpest minds from the most selective universities. An hour a week is all it takes them to switch our students' learning potential into a lifetime of success.

Your mentoring journey

1. Meet

Get to know your student by exploring your shared subject passion. It’s just like a university tutorial, except this time you’re in the tutor’s seat.

2. Apply

Guide your student through the university application process. Whether it’s a personal statement, admissions test, or an interview - your experience can make the difference.

3. Succeed

Turn offers into places by continuing the subject-based mentoring. Share your insights about your degree subject to get your student ready for university study.

How it works

You’ve got the skillset.
They’ve got the mindset.

One-to-one mentoring. Anytime, anywhere,
through your laptop or phone.

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Create your mentor profile in an instant with zero hassle and zero admin.

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Strike a

We’ll select a standout student for you who has the potential to go all the way.

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Start igniting

Connect with your student anytime, anywhere via free, one-to-one video sessions.

Our digital mentoring platform has powered


Offers to Russell Group universities


Of our students receive Oxbridge offers

Become a mentor

Your experience can energise tomorrow’s talent.

Our mentors offer free support and priceless advice to supercharge standout students from areas where reaching a top university means turning disadvantage on its head.

Our mentors are:

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Current students studying at top UK universities

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Committed to giving just
an hour of mentoring
each week

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Driven to inspire
those with the
mindset to make it

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Student stories

Absolute ambition.
Zero Gravity.

Unlock home grown talent with
world class ambition.

Become a mentor

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Sessions last an hour.
Success lasts a lifetime.

Digital mentoring. Social movement.
So much more.

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Give next level guidance

Just an hour a week is all it takes to catapult a state school student into top flight study. Your past experience can unlock their future success.

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Shake up the status quo

Join our movement of undergrads breaking down the barriers to higher education. We’re turning disadvantage on its head, one hour at a time.

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Choose when you chat

Our digital platform lets you pick when and where to catch up, meaning it’s never been easier to connect and have an immediate impact.

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Shape your next step

Mentoring doesn’t just help our students, it sets you up for life. Give your insights and get the skills which make you stand out in future job applications.

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