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We make opportunity match talent

We don't let barriers block our view of what's possible. We spot unrecognised talent and unlock it, spreading opportunity across the UK and powering high-potential students into top universities and careers.


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offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Members at 110+ universities

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Shaping change-makers

The UK has one of the worst rates of social mobility in Europe.
Zero Gravity is changing that through the power of tech,
with millions in funding from visionary investors.

Our platform is a lifeline, connecting untapped talent in low-opportunity areas to a world of possibilities. Zero Gravity is packed with features designed to take talent to the top – from mentoring, masterclasses, internships and scholarships to personalised career opportunities. Our members get totally free access to a digital community of over 15,000 students, all working together to make their ambitions real.

Our impact? We double the chances of securing top university offers and career paths, having already enhanced lifetime earnings by £270m. By 2025, we aim to create a £1bn uplift - creating impact that's good for individuals, businesses and society.

Zero Gravity is more than a platform. It's a value-driven movement,
powering people to tackle the UK's biggest challenges.


Russell Group university offers


offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Members at 110+ universities

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Our manifesto

We exist for those who were told that reaching the top was unthinkable. That Oxford was out of the question. That Imperial was impossible, that the best careers weren’t for people ‘like them’ in places ‘like this’. But refused to believe it inside.

At Zero Gravity, we get out of bed to unlock the ambition of our thousands of members. Our platform ensures opportunities aren’t the reserve of a privileged few, but are instead supercharged across the UK.

Our manifesto film features some of the incredible members who have made their ambitions real this year. Watch the film to discover our mission.

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Meet Joe

Turning £200 into a mission-driven tech company

Joe Seddon grew up in West Yorkshire with his mum and his younger siblings. Coming from a low-income background, he defied the odds to make it to Oxford University. Seeing how tricky that journey could be, he left uni with a clear mission. To start a company that could truly level the playing field, using the power of tech to scale opportunity across the UK.

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Joe founded Zero Gravity using the last £200 of his student loan. Now that's what you call a smart investment.

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Tech that levels the playing field

Now we drive social impact at scale

Launched in 2020, we're the first tech startup in the world that is developing technology to identify top talent from low-opportunity areas and incubate it, so talented people everywhere can reach their full potential.

We've already powered 8000+ students into Russell Group university offers and are set to power thousands more into top graduate careers, driving change at global companies.

We are also home to one of the largest scholarship funds in the UK, having deployed over £850k in scholarships to students from low-opportunity areas.

How we do it

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Spot unrecognised talent

We spot potential that others miss, and unlock it with the right investment, providing all our services to students completely free of charge.

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One journey to success

We take students all the way from school into top careers, powering them with mentoring, masterclasses, scholarships, and an incredible community of talent.

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Self-scaling model

Our tech platform powers every member to pay their success forward, creating a high-performing community that works together to scale opportunity across the country.

Our value-driven culture

The Zero Gravity formula

In 2023, we were named by Hyer as one of the 50 most impactful companies to work for, being celebrated for our incredible mission and value-driven culture. Our values guide everything we do as a community, creating a mindset that unites our team, members, partners, donors and investors.


Zero Gravity members on our platform across all four corners of the UK


of the total students at Oxbridge from low-opportunity backgrounds were powered by Zero Gravity


the cumulative increase in lifetime earnings we've powered for our members since launch (GBP)

It's always awards season

Winning energy

Our members achieve incredible things, and so does our company. Check out some of our awards.

Your questions.

Our mission is to enable our students to reach their incredible potential. To achieve that, we need to ensure our own long-term sustainability.

Solving a problem as significant as social mobility requires a lot of money, especially when pioneering a tech-driven approach.

Setting up as a tech company rather than a charity provides us with greater access to the tech funding required to have the biggest possible social impact across the UK. We're proud to be a mission-driven tech company.

Many businesses have a positive social impact as a by-product of what they do. As a mission-driven tech company, we have it at our core.

Currently, our costs are funded by our social impact investors. In the future, we’ll become self-sustaining by connecting universities and employers with what they need: access to the incredible talent of our members. We've already formed incredible partnerships with some of the top employers in the UK.

Their support pays for more free services so our community can continue to grow. An exponential virtuous circle with one shared goal - to spread opportunity across the UK.

Zero Gravity is a partnership between two organisations. Zero Gravity Tech and the Zero Gravity Fund. The two organisations are governed separately and are financially independent. But they share the same brand, and are driven by the same mission.

Zero Gravity Tech Ltd is a mission-driven tech company that reinvests income from corporate partnerships into free-to-use resources and opportunities for state school students from low-opportunity areas.

Zero Gravity Fund is a registered charity that provides hundreds of £3000 grants to our most engaged students from low-opportunity areas who have overcome significant challenges to achieve top grades and university offers.

Together, Zero Gravity powers students to make their ambitions real.

Zero Gravity Fund is funded by individual and institutional donors who want to support our social mission through charitable giving. Donations to the Fund are transformed into scholarships which are distributed to Zero Gravity members to fund their academic and career development while at university.

Zero Gravity Tech Ltd. pays for all admin and salary costs to run the charity, which means 100% of donations to the Fund go directly to student scholarships.

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