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Career opportunities

Be the lead player
in your future

Figuring out how to get a job after university can feel overwhelming. With Zero Gravity, you can pick from personalised opportunities specific to your dream industry, role and the type of company you want to work for - from start-ups to creative roles and big corporates, we're finding the best opportunities so you don't have to.

⚡️ Match with personalised opportunities based on your goals and ambitions

🔎 Get the real low-down on what each role would be like

✍️ Build incredible applications with expert masterclasses

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Make your ambitions real with Snapchat

The Zero Gravity x Snap collab just landed. Our Access All Areas members can step up to compete in Snap's AR challenge, diving into the world of augmented reality and vying for some top prizes, including a day's work experience at Snap HQ. Want to build your undergraduate CV and learn some new skills in the process? Sign up for the challenge today and design your very own Lens.


Russell Group university offers


offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Members at 110+ universities

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Zero Gravity member James smiles into a podcast microphone

Meet James

Zero Gravity gave me the social capital to max out on career opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have.

James joined Zero Gravity during his first year at the London School of Economics. Realising his passion for the mission, he became our LSE Ambassador. His drive, talent and skills have since won him a coveted spot on our KPMG Career Accelerator programme and an internship in our Operations team.

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Kick-off your career

Every year we bring some incredible members into our office to join the team for the summer. The internship gives them a chance to explore what job they might want to do after university. They beat out over 600+ applicants for a coveted spot and get to show their skills in real-time. See this year's squad reach new heights.


Russell Group university offers


offers to Oxford & Cambridge

Members at 110+ universities

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Leicester Uni Black
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Don't let your future be decided for you

Our platform powers you to design the future you want, building your skills along the way. Get graduate career opportunities and discover what you want to do after university.

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Discover your path

Get exclusive access to career guidance and decide what to do after graduating. Plus, if you're an Access All Areas member, match with personalised job roles and a career mentor who's killing it in their industry.

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Stand out as a leader

Build professional skills that shine up your CV when you become a social impact ambassador on your campus or pass on your wisdom to the next generation of talent through mentoring.

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Snag an HQ internship

We select some talented members to do a fully paid internship with us, with roles across all our different teams, plus Central London accommodation on the house.

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Nail your network

Some students inherit a great network because of the circles they're born into. Zero Gravity powers you to get connected, no matter your background, so you can discover how to get a job after university.

Time to change it up

Uni is a time for experimentation. Zero Gravity gives you the space to explore lots of different paths and connect with people, opportunities and employers who can help you on your journey.

Get to know

Stream on-demand content to discover your future career path.

Match with a career mentor in your dream industry (access all areas members only).

Learn about different industries when you chat with AI Coach.

Pass it on

Join masterclasses with experts and fellow students.

Mentor a school student from a low-opportunity area into uni.

Lead your campus community in driving social impact.

Go places

Pick from personalised job opportunities selected for you (access all areas members only).


Intern at Zero Gravity HQ in one of our incredible teams. Click here to meet the Zero Gravity team.

Experience top industries when we connect you with employers directly.

Level the playing field

Change your uni from the inside out

Some students inherit a great network because of the circles they're born into. But our school students come from backgrounds where reaching a top university requires overcoming significant challenges.

By joining our community on your campus, you can be part of the movement to power top school students into your uni. Check out our report on the Network Advantage to understand what's driving the education gap.

Zoom in to explore the map and find the campuses where Zero Gravity members are already creating huge impact.

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Zero Gravity member Enkhtamir poses at her Oxford college

Powering students into Oxford

Meet Enkhtamir

Tami joined Zero Gravity as a school student and was matched with a mentor. After she won an offer to Oxford, she decided to pass the cycle down to another student by becoming a mentor herself.

My mentor had such a big part to play. Now, I really enjoy helping other students feel like nothing is out of reach.
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Our data shows weekly mentoring doubles the chance of a school student securing a top uni place.

Zero Gravity member Antonia looks up at the sky

Meet Antonia

Getting in is one hurdle. Being able to fully immerse yourself is another. Zero Gravity's enabled me to fully participate in uni life.

Watch how Antonia's Zero Gravity journey has shaped her.

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Your questions.

We accept talented members from unis all across the UK who want to build their future and power the futures of others. If you're from a low-opportunity area, you'll get an Access All Areas membership which gets you access to opportunities that level the playing field.

We share incredible career opportunities through the Zero Gravity platform. This includes our own internship, as well as internships, placements and grad roles with our employer partners. Some opportunities are exclusively available for Access All Areas members, you can access these through the Opportunities tab.

For some of our opportunities, we prioritise those most clearly from low-opportunity areas. It’s all part of our mission to level the playing field. But we know everyone has ambitions that they’re working to make real. That’s why we still offer free open access to the wider platform for talented students, so you can use it to power your future. As a Zero Gravity member you’ll get access to incredible experiences and our 10k+ membership community of talent, all while sharing what you know to power others forwards.

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We're changing that by providing incredible opportunities to students free of charge. We're a mission-driven tech startup, funded through partnerships with leading organisations. By joining us, you're getting big opportunities for yourself, and powering them for others too.

No, we welcome all uni students to join us, whether or not they want to mentor. We do expect you to contribute to our community, but there are loads of ways to do that. From sharing what you know in community spaces, to spreading the word on your campus.

It's worth knowing though that mentoring isn't as big or scary as it sounds. It can be as simple as matching with a school student who wants to get into your uni and giving them your top tips. You have way more wisdom than you think.

If you want to mentor, you'll typically wait between 1-5 weeks for a mentoring match. If your course is less common it might take a little longer. As soon as the right match comes along, we'll let you know.

Our data shows that weekly mentoring sessions significantly boost students' chances of reaching top universities. By using one hour of your week to support a student, you double their chances of getting into a top uni.

Our career accelerators are designed with hiring teams at the partner companies we work with. This means you get direct company insight to submit a competitive application and stand out in the interview process. They usually last around 6 weeks. This gives you a good amount of time to meet regularly with your mentor, up-skill your knowledge and submit a competitive application to a graduate scheme. Accelerated success.

You'll be matched with a career mentor if you're on one of our accelerators with employer partners. We're expanding our career mentoring, so very soon, you'll be able to apply to match with a professional in your dream industry, even if you're not on a structured programme.

At the moment, we only award scholarships to members who applied whilst they were at school. But we have some plans in the works to reach more members... so watch this space.

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