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Transform your campus

Our Ambassadors are social impact leaders who transform the social mobility scene at their campus by spreading the word of Zero Gravity.


Create amazing content

Work closely with the Zero Gravity content team to get content for our socials, web pages and any articles that we're running. You are our first port of call to star in anything.

Forge a fairer campus

Recruit fellow uni members to join the platform, either as mentors, or for those interested in gaining opportunities such as career mentoring.

Build an on-campus community

Organise fun campus events to welcome current + prospective Zero Gravity members: from pub quizzes, to professional headshots events.

Lead our online Community

Work with Fi on the Community strategy, delivering masterclasses, moderating Community, and ensuring that the space is welcoming for our new members.

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Fancy becoming a Zero Gravity Ambassador for '24-'25?

Our 2023 ambassadors raced around the country in the Great Ambassador Race, stuck QR codes on the Colosseum, got featured on BBC News and assisted on shoots in Zero Gravity HQ. Bit better than giving out flyers eh?

Our '23-'24 ambassadors have absolutely smashed it, so now we’re recruiting another cohort of social impact leaders on campus.

We’re looking for members who love Zero Gravity and its mission as much as we do, who will help us as we scale our impact to propel 20,000+ students into top unis and careers by 2025.

  • Are you outgoing, ambitious and creative?
  • Do you want to gain first-hand exposure to a social impact startup whilst genuinely impacting social mobility on your campus?
  • Want to become the bridge between the Zero Gravity HQ team and 15,000+ community?
  • Want to complete your year with a portfolio of social impact, event-planning and networking under your belt?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you could be the one we’re looking for!

Check out below to see how to apply!

Members at 110+ universities

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How to become an Ambassador.

In order to spearhead our online student community - you've gotta be a member of it. You must be a Zero Gravity member signed up as a mentor on the platform, and you must be a student in your penultimate or final year at a university in the UK.

Our application is super simple. There are only three parts:

  1. Platform Application: Apply with a few short questions and a video interview on our platform.
  2. Walk the Walk: We’re looking for ambassadors who genuinely care about our mission: Engage with us on LinkedIn and Instagram to get your name out there.
  3. Talk the Talk: Pass it on. Our community is the central hub of our mission. Go and get those community champion badges to supercharge your application.

Don't stress about video interview. Here are the four questions in advance so you're ready to go:

1. Why are you interested in becoming a campus ambassador for our organisation?

2. How would you go about promoting our platform on campus and getting students interested in our mission?

3. Which area of the ambassador programme are you most interested in?

4. Which crazy idea did we not do last year that you think we should do this year??

Applications close 01 July 2024. Application results will be sent out in July 2024. Can’t wait for you to join us.

Members at 110+ universities

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An epic race across the UK

The Great Zero Gravity Ambassador Race

We sent five Ambassador teams on a huge race across the UK, completing social impact challenges along the way.

As well as spreading the mission of Zero Gravity, the Great Zero Gravity Ambassador Race also featured three-legged races, ghost-hunting, riddles, some serious inter-team beef, a Duke of Edinburgh style trek through Doncaster’s industrial estates, an egg in a sock, Guinness, and Greggs sausage rolls.

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The people we trust most.

As a bridge between the Zero Gravity Team and the rest of the Zero Gravity Community, our Ambassadors are people we trust to represent us. Including on the BBC. Check out our Leeds Ambassador Umair on the Beebs.

Members at 110+ universities

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Meet Bradley

Your Imperial Ambassador

Bradley has been with us since Year 12, bagged a scholarship and is now studying Maths at Imperial. He chats to us about why he wants to be an Ambassador, and how he's finding uni life so far. He works alongside Patrick, our other Imperial Ambassador.

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A portfolio of social impact

On average, Ambassadors deliver projects for around 8-12 hours per term so that they can create impact around their own schedule. We keep a social impact folder on the amazing things they've achieved for future references.

Members at 110+ universities

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At your uni, today.

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Cai Wardhaugh

Annabelle Langley

Bradley Asumang

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Jules Penn

Zak Adams

Annabel Lowe

Ipshita Rishi

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Afzal Hussain

Emilie Grobe

Vladi Klimyak

Zahra Gueye

Jonah Marsh

Ben Millard Watkins

Brad Barrass

Alexandra Mortimer

Freya Dover

Helena Bond

Viola Oinas

Jennifer Ayodele

Umair Afzal

Sarika Rajarajan

Oluchi Ijeh

Cameron Root

Ahsan Mahboob

Aklema Khatun

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Isobel Moore

Khadijah Abass

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