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Be the catalyst for generational change

We’re rallying professionals from across the country to come together to power our members from low-opportunity areas into their industries. Power them to defy the odds and standout as a social impact leader in your business.


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The most powerful call in your calendar

Let’s face it. You’re in back-to-back calls all week. But what if one of them could power someone’s entire future? We'll match you with a uni student from a low-opportunity area who wants to learn more about your industry.

During 1:1 video calls, you'll chat with them to demystify your industry, sharing what you've learned along the way. When you power them to defy imposter syndrome, you'll also build yourself as a leader. Standout as a social impact champion at your workplace and come face to face with the next generation of talent.

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Professional life, unlocked

Professional life, unlocked

We know our members are graduating into top roles and bringing the Zero Gravity mission with them.

It's been amazing to see you power the careers of the uni students following in your footsteps. We're expanding our offering soon to power your professional development and continue supercharging your success once you've left uni. Watch this space.

Professional membership, explained.

Our professional membership is currently focused on career mentoring, so it's only open to people who work in a professional industry. So if you're a member who's already started your grad role, then absolutely!

Until then, your uni student account is the best place for scouting opportunities, brushing up your career skills, linking the community and generally starting to build the kind of future you're after.

We're building some more cool stuff for professionals soon. Once that's ready, we'll be opening the doors for all our members to slide into the professional realm once they finish uni. Watch this space.

We feel you. That's why we've made mentoring that works around your schedule. Typically matches have around 3-5 one hour sessions, but it totally depends on the match. Your mentee will choose what they want to focus on, and you’ll decide together how much time is needed to tackle it. Some matches only need a one-off ad-hoc session, others go on a longer journey. Do what feels right for you.

We’ve opened our platform up to professionals of all kinds. From early career starters (here’s looking at you grads), to seasoned experts (we bow to your greatness). If you’re working in a professional industry then your knowledge is valuable and we want to share it.

Some of the common industries our career mentors join us from include Law, Finance, Consulting, Public Sector, Creative Industries, Technology. That said, we have thousands of members dotted around the UK with loads of different career interests. If in doubt, sign up. And we’ll let you know if there’s a match.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like an industry pro, a CV expert or an assessment centre guru. You’re not expected to be. Mentoring is all about reflecting on your own experience and giving your mentee insights and guidance that you’ve learned along the way. Landing a role in a top industry is enough to make you a great mentor.

For your mentee, the first few sessions may feel a bit daunting, especially when speaking to a professional working in a role that they aspire to be in. What’s important is to show up, be open and make your mentee feel comfortable. You’ll create a strong relationship in no time.

You'll be matched with one of our members from a low-opportunity area. They will have already defied the odds to make it to uni, and will be interested in learning more about your specific industry. They might be in the early stages of choosing what career path they want to take, or they might already have their sights set on a specific company or role. Your job is to power them to defy imposter syndrome and give them the knowledge they need so they can make their ambitions real.

Click to become a professional member. We'll take you through a quick 5-minute sign-up to verify your professional status. Once you join the community you'll be able to watch some quick training videos for top tips on mentoring, as well as see all our handy resources. Once we find you the perfect match, we'll let you know.

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