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Our Access All Areas membership

If you come from an area without as many opportunities,
we make it our mission to bring you opportunities
that level the playing field.


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Our members from low-opportunity areas get an Access All Areas pass to our platform

We're here to level the playing field. That means if you come from an area where there aren't as many opportunities, our mission is to bring those opportunities to you. You'll get full and totally free access to our 1:1 mentoring, masterclasses and career opportunities.

People from all backgrounds power our mission

We have uni students and professionals from all backgrounds joining Zero Gravity to power our mission. Whether by mentoring school students into uni, or uni students into top industries, or simply sharing knowledge in our community spaces. We're united by our mission to level the playing field.

Algorithmic eligibility,
with a human touch

We've carefully designed an algorithm that identifies who is eligible for Access All Areas when you sign up on the platform. If you're eligible, you'll automatically get access to our Opportunities space and will also be able to see your Access All Areas status in your membership settings. Living! If you've got extra circumstances you want us to know about, you'll be prompted to share these so we can take a deeper look at your situation.

Breaking it down

No, but loads of them are. We only accept school students from low-opportunity areas, so you will automatically get your Access All Areas pass if you join us while at school. Lots of the students who join us while at uni are also from low-opportunity areas, so they will also become Access All Areas once they sign up.

If you qualify for our Access All Areas membership you will be automatically identified by our algorithm when you sign up. You will be able to see your Access All Areas status in your membership profile and will have automatic access to relevant spaces, like the Opportunities tab.

If you want to be part of our ultra-talented community then YES. We'd love you to join us once you get to uni. As a member, you'll get incredible support in making your ambitions real, from masterclasses with experts to exclusive member events. You’ll also be able to use your skills and talents to power others forward. So if you believe in building a better future, this is a place for you.

As resources are limited, we prioritise those most clearly from low-opportunity areas. It may be that you are just slightly above the threshold this time. That’s why we still offer free open access to the wider platform for talented students, so you can use it to power your ambitions. If you do think we’ve made a mistake then please shoot us an email ( and we will take a deeper look at your situation.

Whatever stage you join, we're looking for top talent. But great grades are not as simple as a letter or a number. They're about understanding your environment and experiences, and judging your achievement based on your unique context. We look at your grade profile in the context of your school and area to grant you membership.

Nope. We have lots of members join us once they get to uni. However, we do suggest joining as early as possible. That way we can start powering you with opportunities from the jump. For example, if you join while at school you can can apply for our scholarship. How about that for a £3k incentive...?!

Becoming a member

1. Sign up in five minutes

School students can join us once they reach Year 12/13 or S4/S5 at a UK state school. Uni students can join us anytime. Then we'll let you know if you're eligible.

2. Tell us your ambitions

We want to turn your ambitions into real-life success. As part of the sign-up process, you'll give us some more information about where you're at and where you want to be.

3. Dive into our platform

Then it's time to dive into Zero Gravity. You'll meet fellow members, explore our resources and get stuck into conversations that will power your future.

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