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Partnering with Zero Gravity

We work closely with employers across the UK so they can level
the playing field, identifying top talent from low-opportunity areas
and connecting them with top employers.


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The Zero Gravity journey

Meet Glen: Powering social mobility at HSBC

We chat to Glen McGowan, the Group Head of Emerging Talent at HSBC, about why he decided to partner with Zero Gravity.

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Mobilise talent

We supercharge our uni students with graduate career opportunities and guidance so they can decide what to do after graduating. Lots of our members are keen to get a job straight out of uni but don't have a whole host of professionals in their lives to find out more about what's out there.

That's where Zero Gravity steps in, to plug the gap and offer up all the information students need to make a confident and informed choice. We give our partners the power to connect with our membership community, bringing their career field to life and showing students the incredible benefits a career in their field can bring.

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Get your company in front of 15k+ students

Create your own company page on Zero Gravity so our members can get to know what you’re all about.

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Hyper-target your hires

Target the right students by demographic and interests, and show them what your industry’s really like by building their commercial awareness.

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Power up interest in your industry

We work with you to provide upskilling content that gives our members the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed, demystifying your industry and powering up interest in your roles.

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Standout on social mobility

Evidence your commitment to taking social mobility action by supercharging your outcomes and tracking the right data to smash your targets and generate PR.

Catalyse impact

Zero Gravity is built on a membership model, and our student community is deeply invested in our mission. They don't only seek success for themselves but for their friends and their communities. When they reach the next stage of their journey, they pass back what they know to the next generation.

When you catalyse impact at your company, you scale your own social mobility outcomes by creating a sustainable recruitment pipeline - with each Zero Gravity member you hire creating a pipeline of socially mobile talent into your business.

We're now partnering officially with some of the UK's top companies to scale this mission, signing up their employees as career mentors to mentor the next wave of socially mobile talent into businesses across the UK, and making a real seismic shift in how we approach talent on a national scale.

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Train your employees as mentors

We onboard your employees onto the Zero Gravity platform as they become career mentors for the next generation of talent. They build their leadership skills, create social impact and bring the next generation of top talent into your business.

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Easily evidence data-driven outcomes

Track mentoring engagement, and see how your grads are transforming your recruitment efforts. Get data that evidences your commitment to powering social mobility.

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Have a Zero Gravity account manager

You'll have a dedicated account manager in the Zero Gravity team who will work closely with you to understand your specific goals and achieve the outcomes you're looking for.

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Plus everything else

Get all the benefits included in the mobilise package, including: hyper-targeting your ideal candidates on our platform, featuring your company and opportunities and hosting content that attracts our members to your industry.

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