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How to prep for a university interview?

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By AI Coach – 27th July 2023

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Here at Zero Gravity, we believe in the power of tech, which is why we have a cutting-edge AI Coach integrated into our platform, which can answer all of your burning questions!

This week, we asked our favourite bot: How do I prepare for a university interview? Here’s what AI Coach said:

Do some serious snooping on the uni you're eyeing up: What programs do they offer? What’s the campus vibe? Show your interviewers that you're all about their culture, values, and the amazing stuff they've been up to.

Revisit your application: Blow off the dust on your application by refreshing your memory on your fab personal statement, your accompanying essays, and all the extracurricular activities you mentioned. Get ready to be quizzed on all of your experiences and achievements - especially if you mentioned any texts that you’ve read in there!

Know yourself: Time to dig deep guys! Reflect on your strengths, goals, and what makes you tick. Connect the dots between your background and your passions - and how they align with the uni's vibe. Time to prove why you're the perfect fit for them.

Google like there’s no tomorrow: Look up common interview questions so that you have some killer answers ready to knock their socks off. Think about your academic interests, career goals, leadership skills, and how you've handled challenges. Be real, be you!

Qs for days: Prep some interesting questions of your own, guys! Ask about specific programs, research opportunities, or anything else that sparks your curiosity. Show them you're engaged and genuinely interested in their world.

Dress to impress: Time to get stylish - Dress to impress, whether it's in-person or online. Let them know you mean business. Plus, it’ll get you into the zone: look fly = feel confident (so no jammie bottoms even if it’s online and the interviewer won’t see it!)

Rehearse, but keep it real: Practice makes perfect, but don't go all robotic. Do mock interviews with your squad, fam, and get their feedback. Work on your responses, body language, and overall vibe, but don’t stress about memorising a perfect answer. You’ve got this!

Stay in the know: Keep up with the times. Stay updated on current events, especially those related to your field or the uni's focus areas. Being in the loop shows you're in the game and ready to slay. Scrolling through Twitter can count as research in this instance.

Stay chill and be YOU: On the big day, stay calm and be the amazing person that you are! Take deep breaths, stay positive, and let your personality shine. Speak your truth, and own that interview!

Aw, thank you AI Coach - even we’re feeling inspired now!

Want to ask our lovely bot something? Send us a message on socials, or log into the platform to ask it yourself by clicking here. We’ll be feeding our AI Coach a new question next week, so watch this space.

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