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Here ye Warwick Freshers: An Iconic Warwick Debrief from Sana


By Sana Zahoor – 14th March 2024

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Sana, one of our brilliant campus Ambassadors for Warwick, was tasked to write us a piece about all of the Warwick spots to hit up - and avoid. She hit us back with the BEST poem all about how to live it up as a Warwick student. Well in Sana!

here ye warwick freshers:

the dirty duck needs no introduction

a friendly pub with burgers for consumption

loud and proud’s playlists liven up the su club

but the sticky floor still needs a scrub!

be wary of the baywatch tradition

where shirts are twirled around with no volition

of the memes we have regarding student feats

warnings of warwick finance bros

have never involved me

in conversations about spring weeks -

i have yet to be met with a judgmental stare

when i inform them that their career goals

are not my kind of affair

but the university overall:

calm, beautiful and varied

unique facilities and activities to share with

friends and family who venture there

with its 250+ societies and its walkability

our close-knit campus feels like a community

we bond as we complain and compare

exam timetables after they are released

longer than we can bare!!

but, this does not concern

the biggest bnoc of them all

rolf, the campus cat!

be quick to meet him

during his brief campus crawls!

he might stay longer after

students quickly take flight

because of disappointing christmas lights


some students may say they rival oxbridge

although i say we only oppose universities

if they attempt to get in digs

so i peacefully declare we have no general rivals

(are those folks oxbridge rejects in denial)?

i mean, there is so much to do on campus we are content and distracted!


may i not forget to mention the koan

mysterious it stands, foreboding and alone

where did it come from, who really knows?

yet whispers of its structural integrity,

nonetheless echo

heard despite loud cries of

come and drink some purple at circle!!

Iconic! Hope everyone got some good recommendations out of Sana's piece! Any more student qs, be sure to hit up the Zero Gravity community, or attend one of our student run masterclasses for more info.

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