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Warwick Uni: Campus Cats, Babybel Showers + Plenty of ABBA


By Aklema Khatun – 14th March 2024

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What is it actually like studying at the University of Warwick? What is the best night out for Warwick students? Where is THE student eat spot in Warwick? Our Warwick Ambassador Aklema give us all the info you need to know as an incoming Warwick Fresher.

What is THE student eat spot at Warwick?

We have a plethora of places to eat at Warwick, all so diverse and different! From Rootes, Food Station, Dirty Duck, Benugo, Curiositea, Cafe Nero, NAIC Cafe, The Paneer Wrap Stand. We even have our own bubble tea store!

But the one that reigns as victorious for me is the food stall near the Computer Science Quadrant: Ganapathi Catering. They sell South Asian cuisine but everyday it is something different, and even do Malaysian Nasi Lemak. They sell both vegetarian and meat options and it’s halal! My favourite is their dosa!

You can never get bored of the food options around Warwick - especially on Wednesdays as we have a huge variety of food trucks that come onto campus from thai food, burgers, samosas and jerk chicken (my personal faves) to shakes and brookies.

We are definitely spolit for choice!

Best club night at Warwick?

Kasbah Monday undoubtedly is the winner.

What other club can you go to and expect a shower of Baybels, get free McDonald chicken nuggets or even a Binley Mega Chippy giveaway?

A haven for all of my Swifties as they do play love story every night. But fear not for the non-swifties, as the smoking area is the main attraction. The smoking area is where the chaos happens, and often feels like a fever dream.

Worst club night at Warwick and why?

Worst club night has to be Neon Fridays, sorry not sorry.

The highlight is its proximity to Vialli’s for a kebab when you leave.

Upstairs or downstairs the music is so bad, honestly leaves me wishing I was at home starting my 3000 word contract law assignment rather being there.

Student meme unique to Warwick?
Rootes Grocery Store Meme

This tells a tale of Rootes Grocery, where for once and once only my hope soared higher than their usual prices, only to plummet back to reality as it was an April Fools' prank. The news, hinted at a price drop, which momentarily restored my faith in humanity.

But alas like all things too good to be true, the bubble of optimism burst as was a mere prank left me crash-landing back to earth. RoGro, an enigmatic price maestro, once again retained its legendary status for costliness, with the store manager going on to win the national Retail Industry Award.

Honest review of UoW?

Honestly, I am so happy to say that if I were to go back and do it all again I would still choose Warwick. (I promise I’m not paid to say this).

It is definitely very diverse and accepting, and because of that you get such a breadth of cultural knowledge, which was a fear of mine before coming to university.

There is something for everyone here, any niches or interests you have, you will definitely find like-minded people.

I can’t complain about the teaching. I study PPL, which means I have modules in 3 different departments, and there’s a risk of a lack of co-ordination between them. But, luckily I haven’t faced this issue, and if I have faced any other problems they are so understanding. The tutors are very passionate about their areas of teaching, but they’re also passionate about seeing their students succeed. There is so much help everywhere, but you have to make that first step to reach out for it, which is very important as a lot of university is about independence, but there are support systems out there to help!

For a relatively new uni compared to the other RG, its worked hard to achieve so much in such little time.

Best thing about UoW?

I think it’s the fact that it’s a campus. University can easily feel so isolating and as though you’re alone, but because of the campus it gives Warwick such a nice community feeling!

Especially as a first-year when everyone is based on campus, everyone lives together, studies together and does activities in the same spaces, which I found really helps to build friendships.

There’s always something going on, on campus like in Winter with the turning on of the Christmas Tree lights and markets and in Summer with over 2000 people coming together to watch Eurovision in the Piazza.

I find it’s so special to have a place like the piazza, where everyone can come together.

(Eurovision Finals 2023)

Worst thing about UoW?

Finance bros and Londoners!!!

Finance bros are everywhere.

You cannot escape them and if you’re around them for too long you’ll become one. From discussing spring weeks and internships to checking the Bristol Tracker every 5 minutes.

They are infectious, but there is no doubt they are driven and will get to what they want against all odds with their quarter zips.

Londoners have infested Warwick. A lot of them tend to believe everything north of London is a village.

I’m from Birmingham, and I’ve been asked if my accent was Scottish!

So, if you spot a Londoner in Warwick trying to navigate through accents like they're deciphering morse code, just give 'em a friendly wave and say, "Welcome to the wonderful world of regional dialects!"

Has Warwick got any BNOCs?

Disco Dave. No one rocks a mullet like him. If you don’t know get to know.

And ROLF THE CAT! Yes we have our own cat and he is SO CUTE.

Rolf vigilantly patrols Warwick's campus, safeguarding our community and ensuring that everything purr-fectly falls into place.

Cringy activity you have to do once?

Circling + Pop!

Circling seemed so cringe as a fresher, before it became a norm. They’re typically ran by societies and sports clubs, where you gather in a large circle and play drinking games before Pop. At first it seems impossible to get your head around them - but make sure to know your roman numerals and you will be fine!

Certain societies can have a reputation of being more intense, but no one will pressure you to do anything you do not want to, even if you don’t drink it can be fun to come together with your friends with coke or lemonade!

The SU regards to Pop! as far from “a sophisticated night out”, which is accurate. It’s filled with cheesy songs - think from the likes of Mr Brightside to ABBA. But what better way is there to spend your Wednesday night?

Cheers Aklema! Any questions, head to the Zero Gravity community to ask Aklema directly. Or, you can watch our student-run masterclasses, where our members give the honest dirt on their uni.

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