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Student stories

Durham Confessionals

What is it actually like studying at Durham University? What is the best night out for Durham students? Where should Durham students go to eat? What is Durfess? One of our fantastic Durham Ambassadors Niamh give us the craic on a uni as well known for it's intense partying as it's intense academics.
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Inside Zero Gravity HQ

Closing The Gap: How to hire socially mobile talent

What is social mobility? Does the UK have a social mobility problem? What is Zero Gravity doing about it? Read our blog below to get an in-depth read onto why we do what we do.
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Student stories

By Sarika Rajajaran – 25th January 2024

"That's feral!": The Dirt on Manny Uni

What is it actually like studying at the University of Manchester? What is the best night out for Manchester students? Where is…

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Student stories
The Value of Zero Gravity Mentoring Author Pic

By Daniel Dipper – 17th November 2023

How to Find Your People at Oxford Uni

How do you make friends at Oxford Uni? Well, Daniel Dipper, legendary BNOC at Oxford for both his DJing and political career at…

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Student stories
The Oxbridge Application Process The Challenges Accompanying Author Pic

By Charlotte Alcock – 16th November 2023

The Oxbridge Application Process: The Challenges, The Surprises and The Advice from Successful Applicants

Can you get an Oxbridge place if you go to a Yorkshire state school? Is it possible - has it been done before? How do you do an…

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Bournemouth University
Student stories
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By Dominique Amos – 16th November 2023

How to Choose the Right Degree and University

How do you choose the right degree? How do you choose the right university? How do you choose both? What is right for YOU? Never…

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Student stories
Eleanor pic

By Eleanor Luxton – 6th November 2023

Studying Geography at Oxford: Lessons from your Third Year Geography Aunty

Can you study Geography at Oxford? Yes, you can! Well, what's it like studying Geography at Oxford? Luckily for you, your…

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Student stories

By Alyssa Gibbons – 3rd November 2023

From Socrates to Solicitor: Converting from PPE to Law

Do you have to study Law to become a Lawyer? Alyssa Gibbons, a recent PPE graduate from Warwick, tell us no and actually explains…

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