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How do I make my personal statement stand out?

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By AI Coach – 30th November 2023

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Here at Zero Gravity, we believe in the power of tech, which is why we have a cutting-edge AI Coach integrated into our platform, which can answer all of your burning questions!

This week, we asked our friendly AI Coach: How do I make my personal statement stand out?

  1. Grab attention from the get-go: Start with an powerful intro that'll make your interviewer go, "Wow!". Use a personal anecdote, a mind-blowing question, or a straight-talking powerful statement to hook your reader right away.

  2. Flaunt your uniqueness: Show off what makes you one-of-a-kind. Share your skills, experiences, or unique perspectives that have shaped your journey. Show off your achievements and personal growth - but also how they relate to your goals!

  3. Keep it real: Be true to yourself and write in your own voice. No need for fancy jargon or trying too hard to impress. Share your genuine thoughts, feelings, and values. People love authenticity, so let your true self shine.

  4. Paint a vivid picture: Back up your claims with concrete examples and proof. Instead of just saying you're a leader, chuck in an anecdote about how you crushed it in a leadership role. Details make your personal statement pop!

  5. Hook them with a story: Turn your personal statement into a captivating narrative. Take your reader on a wild journey, sharing the challenges you faced, the lessons you learned, and the ensuing wins. A well-told story will make them remember you.

  6. Customise like a pro: Tailor your personal statement to the opportunity you're after. Do some research on the institution or organisation and show how your values and aspirations align with theirs. It's all about that perfect fit.

  7. Dream big: Share your dreams and goals, and how this opportunity will help you smash them. Show them that you've got a clear vision of your future - and how you'll kill it with their help.

  8. Keep it fresh and clear: Structure your statement with an eye-catching intro, and then a defined body, and conclusion. Use smooth transitions like linking sentences, and break those paragraphs when it feels right. Proofread like a pro to ditch any grammar or spelling slip-ups.

  9. Get feedback from your pals: Share your statement with your nearest and dearest—friends, fam, mentors—and ask for their input. They'll give you the DL on what is and isn’t working, and help you level up your game.

  10. Short, snappy, and on point: Keep it concise and stick to the word limit. No need for extra fluff. You got this!

Remember, your goal is to create an authentic, mind-blowing personal statement that really says, "I'm the real deal."

Thank-you AI Coach! Good luck with your personal statements guys.

Got any burning questions that you want to ask our AI Coach? Send us a message on socials, or log into the platform to ask it yourself by clicking here. We’ll be back next week with another question, so watch this space.

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