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How to write an Oxbridge essay

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By AI Coach – 30th November 2023

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To truly smash a successful Oxbridge essay, you'll need a combo of strong analytical skills, critical thinking, and the ability to articulate your ideas effectively. Here are some tips to help you nail it:

  1. Crack the Code:

    Nail the essay prompt. Figure out what they're really asking, as often it's not 100% clear (they do this deliberately!). Highlight the keywords and any special instructions. Pick apart the question, look at it from all angles, and show you get the complexities.
  2. Game Plan:

    Before diving in, sketch out a tight outline for your essay. Structure is key. It keeps your thoughts in line and your essay on point. Always write this and refer back to the question for each new paragraph.
  3. Dive into the Research Pool:

    Get Googling. Dive into research with gusto. Use top-notch sources (not Wikipedia, sorry), and read a range of sources. You wanna get into sources that contradict your hypothesis, as well as back it up, so you fully understand the topic and all of its arguments before you pick a side.
  4. Start with a Bang:

    Hit out with a strong, clear intro. Your professors WILL complain if they don't know what you're actually arguing. And give context, but DON'T explain the whole plot. You want to use your intro to grab attention from the get-go.
  5. Flip the Script:

    Address counterarguments in the body of your argument. Show you've thought it all through, and it's a chance to show off all that meaty reading you did before. Keep it clean though - just a few quotes here and there will do the trick.

  6. Drop the Mic:

    The conclusion is your victory lap. Sum it up, restate that killer hypothesis, and leave them nodding in agreement.
  7. Words with Impact:

    Be crystal clear. Use words that hit the mark. No fluff! Just straightforward brilliance.
  8. Polish and Shine:

    Edit like your mark depends on it (because it does). Fix mistakes, tighten up sentences, and make it shine. Used too many adjectives? Cut. Written a line that reads nicely but doesn't add much? Cut.
  9. Second Opinion, Please:

    Don't go it alone. Get someone to read your masterpiece. Feedback is gold. Refine that argument until its bulletproof. And once your prof reads it, keep a note of their feedback - you'll need it to redraft for your Finals!

Remember, your Oxbridge essay is your time to shine. Make it count! 🚀✨

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