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Transforming Futures: INETEC and Zero Gravity’s Shared Commitment to Social Mobility


By Zero Gravity x INETEC – 7th December 2023

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, legendary STEM company INETEC has joined forces with Zero Gravity to create impact on a serious scale for our Zero Gravity Scholars. INETEC have invested a whopping £150,000 into the Zero Gravity Scholarship - meaning that 50 of our ultra-talented university members have received a scholarship, allowing them to grab every academic and career opportunity they see with both hands.

We spoke to Zrinka, the CEO of INETEC, to delve into what makes the INETEC x Zero Gravity scholarship so special.

What makes the INETEC Scholarship different?

These scholarships are strategically targeted at students pursuing STEM-based subjects. The aim of it is to bridge the education gap, and create opportunities for those who might otherwise face barriers to higher education. STEM students so often require advanced tech, expensive courses, and money for internships and placements. The Zero Gravity Scholarship ensures that 50 Zero Gravity members are able to fully immerse themselves into their course and career.

Amazing - we’re buzzing! So why is INETEC partnering with Zero Gravity?

First and foremost, INETEC and Zero Gravity share values: INETEC values passion, innovation and commitment to excellence; values that Zero Gravity Scholars embody in everything they do. Plus, we share the same objectives - both INETEC and Zero Gravity are powered by a mutual commitment to fostering social mobility, which made this partnership a natural fit. INETEC recognises Zero Gravity as a catalyst for change, an organisation that shares our vision of empowering individuals to overcome socio-economic constraints through education and mentorship. Every year 50,000 low-opportunity students achieve top GCSEs annually, yet only a third make it to highly selective universities. INETEC shares Zero Gravity’s mission to change this through technology and community-driven initiatives, such as offering free access to mentoring, masterclasses, internships, and scholarships. So it made sense to team up - two powerhouses - one partnership.

Two companies, twice the impact - love it. So where did INETEC’s drive to fund socially mobile talent come from?

INETEC’s drive isn’t about philanthropy: it’s a commitment to investing in the future. By partnering with Zero Gravity, INETEC wants to break down barriers and provide opportunities for socially mobile talent to flourish. Unfortunately in today’s challenging climate, the importance of supporting bright individuals who come from low-opportunity backgrounds has never been more apparent - in order to make a change, you have to be the change. When you invest in education and career support, that creates a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

That reminds me of CEO Joe’s motto - when talent wins, everyone wins. So what do INETEC Scholars receive with their scholarship?

First and foremost: a good bit of cash. INETEC has a desire to trailblaze the future of talent, and with our investment in the Zero Gravity Scholarship program, every INETEC scholar receives £3,000 (£1,000 per academic year) directly into their pockets through a virtual Zero Gravity card. There is no two ways about it - university is difficult without financial support.

But most importantly, Zero Gravity Scholars receive more than just financial aid! The scholarship money is complemented by transformative career assistance designed to help these ultra high-potential students achieve their dream careers. That’s why the program also opens doors to a summer robotics school and internship opportunities with INETEC, enhancing the scholars’ educational experience.

INETEC envisions a future where Zero Gravity Scholars leverage their scholarships and career support to make a lasting impact on society: whether pioneering breakthroughs in STEM fields, becoming community leaders or advocating for social change. The ultimate goal is to empower these scholars to reach their full potential and break social barriers.

Love the idea of a future where Zero Gravity Scholars are the leading scientists and advocates in society. And INETEC is truly powering up that mission.

Well, INETEC’s £150,000 donation is a concrete manifestation of our commitment to social change. By deploying 50 scholarships and providing career support, the INETEC x Zero Gravity partnership is not just addressing educational inequalities but actively reshaping the narrative for aspiring students. Through education, mentorship, and financial support, both organisations collectively foster a more inclusive and equitable society, one scholarship at a time.

INETEC Testimonial (Zrinka Čorak, CEO, INETEC)

“At INETEC, we are proud to partner with Zero Gravity in a shared commitment to transforming the futures of talented, low-opportunity students. Our donation reflects our belief in the power of education and mentorship to break down barriers and create opportunities for socially mobile talent. Together with Zero Gravity, we are actively reshaping narratives, fostering inclusivity, and empowering the next generation of STEM students to reach their full potential.”

Zero Gravity x INETEC

INETEC are a high-tech global innovator that designs cutting-edge tech for the nuclear, aerospace and medical industries. They are a legendary name in STEM circles. As of 2023, INETEC have been working with us this year to hyper-target 50 scholarships to some of the most talented scientists, engineers and mathematicians we have on our platform.

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