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"That's feral!": The Dirt on Manny Uni

By Sarika Rajajaran – 25th January 2024

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What is it actually like studying at the University of Manchester? What is the best night out for Manchester students? Where is THE student eat spot? Our Manny Ambassadors Sarika + Oluchi give us the craic on the UK's rainiest party city.

What is THE student eat spot?

There’s a few to choose from… Biko’s Cafe, 532 Bar & Kitchen, and a few spots near the Student’s Union like Red Chilli and Mr Egg. Have to shout-out the food at Footage and Kro Bar. It slaps and they do deals!

There is also a Maccies on campus, so for all you healthy queens out there... beware of the devil 😈 20 chicken nuggets after a 2hr Econ lecture hits different...

Best club night?

• 42’s. Indie music, good vibes.

• Deaf Institute. They do lots of themed nights.

• Factory. Key disclaimer: the bar is so spenny.

• WHP & Boiler Rooms for all the DnB lovers. Key disclaimer: you have to get there so early so you end up pre-eing at 4 pm...

Controversial faves?

[Sarika]. "Oluchi and I don’t agree here, but I love a 256 night out because it’s local! I'm really judging Oluchi who likes Impossible."

[Oluchi] "I don't understand why you're judging me - Impossible is great, especially if you love seeing a few love islanders now and again..."

Worst club night in Manny and why?

256: The DJ’ing at 256 is often more than questionable...

42’s: You can always find an uncle or two in 42’s.

Cargo: I don’t think I have gone to Cargo without making friends with a teacher in the queue. Generally a very odd demographic of clubbers in there. Gives strong Pryzm vibes. Gross.

Student meme unique to Manny?

The lady of the 143 bus. She always makes an extremely long, politically-charged speech on that bus, usually in the evenings. Her speeches don’t have a full stop to them, and three years have gone by and I’m still confused about whether she’s left or right wing. Also, her eyebrows are questionable to say the least.

Honest review of UoM?

There’s always something happening and something to do in and around the university whether you like it or not!

Plus, you will find that the whole of the South has moved to the North!

Best thing about UoM?

Defo that the people are super friendly. It’s so social, and everyone knows everyone (which let me tell you - is a good and bad thing lol). Plus, it’s hard to get bored here!

Worst thing about UoM?

• Some of the feral looking first year accommodations (only a few like Unsworth and Denmark Road are passable)

• The £300 bus pass from Fallow

• The rain

Tell us a Manchester urban legend?

Probably that the buildings in the university are said to be haunted... This is due to some of their dark corridors (e.g. in the Sackville Street Building) and the ancient relics that some of the buildings hold. Visit at your own peril.

Has Manchester got any BNOCs?

“BoomBox Barry”. He rides up and down the uni road on his bike playing banging tunes. Defo a good boost when you hear him from the library whilst you're sitting there, depressed over your dissertation.

Cringy activity you have to do once?

• Go to a 256 Tuesday/Wednesday

• Go to Cargo

• Take a photo by the university arch

• Go to the fresher's week club nights

Biggest uni rivals?

There's two! MMU all the way, when it comes to both Women’s and Men’s football! But has to be Leeds or Notts, when it comes to who’s got a better nightlife!

What is a piece of slang that gets used daily at your uni?

• “Silly fresher!”

• “That’s sound”

• “That’s feral!”

• “Slay!”

• “Proper scran!”

• “You going Ali G?!”

Iconic! Thanks Manny legends! If you have any more questions, head into Community to ask them directly!

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