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York Life: Tall Ducks and 1 Quid Pints

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By Cameron Mackeller – 31st January 2024

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Our York Ambassador Cam gives us the short and sweet rundown on York life - from infamous wildlife encounters to the best pub trips on offer.

The Scran

If you're diving into the York uni life, your first pit stop should really be the LINK Café in the Management building. It's where good food meets decent coffee (they've got Starbucks), all at prices that won't have you living on noodles. Plus, it's smack in the middle of campus, making it a no-brainer for when the hunger kicks in between classes.

The Nights Out

Wednesday nights at Salvos are pretty much a rite of passage here. It's like every student society descends on the place, lured in by having pres at Yates's 'pound a pint' – okay, it's Carling, but who's complaining at that price? And then there's Popworld, a place that feels like a time machine with its retro tunes and a crowd that reminds you of your mum's friends. Not everyone's scene, but definitely worth a laugh.

York's got a spot for everyone, from chill pubs where you can hear yourself think, to bars that make you forget about your 9 AM lecture. However, getting back from the night out can be an adventure in itself. Do you walk and risk the long trek, gamble on the hit-and-miss buses, or just cave and Uber it?

The Rivalries

There’s also the split between east and west campus – not ideal when you're sprinting for a lecture and the bus decides it's a day off. Although, the bus rides can make or break a night-out sometimes, with everyone suddenly breaking into college chants – it's cringe looking back now, but great at the time.

The Wildlife

And then there’s the wildlife – the geese. They strut around like they own the place, and honestly, they really do. Long Boi, the legendary tall duck, was our unofficial mascot. His fame even reached Radio One, and though he's no longer with us, he left his mark with the memes you’ll always see on York student pages.

The Battles

Lastly, can't forget the War of the Roses. It's not just a bunch of games; it's like our own sports blockbuster. York vs. Lancaster. It's the time we flex our sports skills and get a bit rowdy – a highlight of the year.

Thanks Cam! For more info about York, hit up the Zero Gravity community and ask our York members there!

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