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The Southampton Low Down

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By Cameron Root – 26th January 2024

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Our incredible Southampton Ambassador Cameron Root talks us through the need to knows for studying at Soton. Which clubs do you avoid in Southampton? Who are Southampton's rivals? Cameron tells all!

What is THE student eat spot?

Gonna have to say Greekalicious. First of all, it is a stall in the middle of campus, so it is very tempting when you are starving after a lecture. Secondly, their Chicken Gyros are amazing.

Best club night?

Nothing can beat Freshers Week at Jesters (rated as the UK's worst nightclub AND was visited by Rishi Sunak who was born in Southampton). It is iconic. I genuinely have no words about what Jesters is, or what it represents - but every person who goes to Southampton knows that even though you say you won't go... you will. (Just don't ask me what the Four Corner Challenge is.)

Will also give an honourable mention to Trilogy Thursdays.

Worst club night in Soton?

From personal experience, any night at Switch. I went twice during First Year and ended up bedridden for two weeks on both instances.

No one I know really goes back there after Freshers Week, but hopefully other people have better experiences.

Honourable mention to the weird club night your SU puts on during Freshers which you'll think you'll like - and are sorely disappointed.

Student meme unique to Soton?

Turning up at Charcoal Grill in Portswood at 1:30AM because nothing else is open and ordering cheesy chips.

Honest review of Southampton?

I genuinely have loved my time here. I picked somewhere not too close to home but not halfway across the country, so for me it is a good balance. I've met some incredible people and I know that I will remember my time at Southampton forever.

Best thing about Soton?

Apart from me of course?

Probably that there is always something to do! Whilst some might say that keeping busy is just the life of a student, at Southampton I have always felt that when I'm bored, there is always something to do besides studying.

For example, Southampton Common is beautiful to walk around and during the summer Highfield Campus looks great (and this is coming from me who usually hates nature.)

Worst thing about Soton?

The seagulls. I understand that living on the South Coast means they are unavoidable, but we still do not claim the seagulls. As for the Uni itself, I'd say that the one thing Southampton can improve on is getting students to participate in student politics.

Cringy activity you have to do once?

Stags Karaoke is something every Southampton student has to experience once. Yes, its cringy. Yes, no one actually wants to do it. But it is socially mandatory.

Biggest uni rivals?

Portsmouth... I don't want to give them the airtime.

A piece of slang:

Before I moved to Southampton I had no idea people shortened it to Soton.

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