First Year of University: Survival Mode Engaged

Ipshita, one of our fantastic Ambassador, breaks down how to survive your first year of uni - and come out unscathed.
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Student stories
Joint Honours Author Pic

By Tasneem Jodiyawalla – 24th October 2023

Joint Honours at Oxford: Double the Complaints, Double the Joy

How easy is it to do Joint Honours at the University of Oxford? Zero Gravity member Tasneem Jodiyawalla, a Classics and French…

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Student stories
Dont Worry theres a Greggs Author Pic

By Nicole Gibbons – 24th October 2023

Don’t worry - there’s a Greggs here: Surviving as a Northerner at Oxford

Nicole Gibbons, a second year student at the University of Oxford, gives us the lodown on how to survive a very Southern…

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Student advice
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By AI Coach – 19th October 2023

How do I prep for a university interview?

Our integrated AI Coach is the perfect tool to use when you're in need of advice. This team, we've asked our favourite bot for…

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Student stories
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By James Roberts – 19th October 2023

What’s it like to study an Ab-Nitio Language at University?

James Roberts chats to us about studying a language from scratch at the London School of Economics, from the module weighting to…

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19th October 2023

How Zero Gravity is Supporting Students at Blackpool Sixth Form College

Peter Wright, our Zero Gravity Lead Teacher at Blackpool Sixth Form College, was asked by PiXL to share how Zero Gravity…

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The Value of Zero Gravity Mentoring Author Pic
Student stories
The Value of Zero Gravity Mentoring Author Pic

By Daniel Dipper – 12th September 2023

The Value of Zero Gravity Mentoring in the Long-Term

Zero Gravity OG Daniel Dipper gives some advice on the magic of how mentoring is more than just UCAS help - it actually sets you…

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Student stories
Year 12 Author Pic

By Lina Bounab – 12th September 2023

Year 12: It's Not As Bad As You Think!

Year 13 student Lina Bounab gives her advice to those entering their first year of A-Levels, from how to tackle school work to…

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Student stories

By Holly Toombs – 5th September 2023

Missing the grades: The worst fear of university hopefuls.

Holly Toombs talks to us at Zero Gravity about the experience of missing your grades - and what on earth to do next.

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Student stories

By Cadence Ong Jing Han – 5th September 2023

Genetics + Genomics, Split Labs and Free Wednesdays: What’s it like studying Biomedical Science at Imperial?

Cadence talks us through why BioMed, the course structure at Imperial College London, and how on earth she manages to balance her…

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Student stories
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By Zak Adams – 18th August 2023

Harvard Is A Playground

Why study at Harvard? Are there opportunities for low-opportunity students at Harvard? How do you even APPLY to Harvard? Zero…

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By Vasilisa Skorokhod – 8th August 2023

The Bristol Bum, Free Salsa Dancing and Saturday Pop Confessionals: The Insider’s Guide to Bristol Uni

This is the ultimate insider’s guide to what Bristol Uni is really like

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Inside Zero Gravity HQ
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By Zero Gravity – 8th August 2023

What does Zero Gravity sound like?

This week, we interviewed sound engineer Rob Martland, the composer of the Zero Gravity soundscape. Our CBO Kim spoke to Rob…

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